Starships are ships from various games (mostly), and any and most information is derived from that game(s)' wikis to help categorize them here.

Ship-class Number Type
Executor-class Super Star Destroyer 110 Super Star Destroyer
Tabder-class Heavy Hauler 10 Bulk Freighter
Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship 196
Newjoa-class Star Destroyer 3,000,100,373,564,432 Star Destroyer
Newjoa-class Super Star Destroyer 17,548,000,024 Super Star Destroyer
Sith Corvette Corvette
Sith Cruiser
Sith Dreadnought
Newjoa Defense Cruiser
Newjoa Light Cruiser
Newjoa Cruiser
Sith Heavy Cruiser
Newjoa Heavy Cruiser
Newjoa Assault Cruiser
Sith Modified Corvette Corvette
Sith Battleship
Sith Battlecruiser
Newjoa Battlecruiser
Newjoa Battleship
Sith Star Destroyer Star Destroyer
Sith Super Star Destroyer Super Star Destroyer
Sith Mega Star Destroyer Mega Star Destroyer
Sith Ultra Star Destroyer Ultra Star Destroyer
Newjoa Assault Battleship
Newjoa Space Platform I
Newjoa Space Platform II
Newjoa Space Platform III
Newjoa-class Mega Star Destroyer Mega Star Destroyer
Newjoa-class Ultra Star Destroyer Ultra Star Destroyer


Koros-Strohna Unknown Classification
Liberator-class Carrier Carrier
Vulture-class droid starfighter Starfighter


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