Combat UnitsEdit

Unit Ships Largest Ship Rank to Lead
Grand Fleet 25,000m+ Grand Admiral
Armada 25,000m+ Grand Admiral
Fleet 10,000m+ Fleet Admiral
Task Force 10,000m+ Admiral
Task Group 5,000m+ Vice Admiral
Strike Group 190 1,000m+ Rear Admiral
Flotilla 28 1,000m+ Commodore
Task Element 1 100m+ Captain

Fighter/Bomber UnitsEdit

Unit Ships Largest Ship Rank to Lead
Wing (Unit) 144 Fighters or Bombers [[]]
Squadron 12 Fighters or Bombers [[]]
Flight 3 Fighters or Bombers Lieutenant

Non-combat UnitsEdit

Unit Ships Largest Ship Rank to Lead
Convoy 3+ 100m+ Commodore
[[]] [[]]
[[]] [[]]


Rank Grade Image
Lord/Lady Admiral HC-2
Grand Admiral HC-1
Fleet Admiral C-5
Admiral C-4
Vice Admiral C-3
Rear Admiral C-2
Commodore C-1
Captain O-6
Commander O-5
Lieutenant Commander O-4
Lieutenant O-3
Lieutenant Junior Grade O-2
Ensign O-1
Master Chief Petty Officer E-9
Senior Petty Officer E-8
Chief Petty Officer E-7
Petty Officer First Class E-6
Petty Officer Second Class E-5
Petty Officer Third Class E-4
Crewman E-3
Cadet E-2
Recruit E-1


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