Unit Size (In Troops) Number of Tanks Rank to Lead
Planetary Army 1,000,000,000 50,000,000 Grand General
Military Region 100,000,000 5,000,000 Field Marshal
Army (Unit) 10,000,000 500,000 General
Army Group 1,000,000 50,000 Lieutenant General
Legion 200,000 10,000 Major General
Corps 50,000 2,500 Brigadier General
Division 10,000 500 Colonel
Brigade 5,000 250 Lieutenant Colonel
Regiment 1,000 50 Major
Battalion 324 Captain
Company 81 First Lieutnenat
Platoon 27 Second Lieutenant
Squad 9 Sergeant
Fireteam 3 Private First Class


Rank Grade Image
Lord/Lady General HC-2
Grand General HC-1
Field Marshal C-5
General C-4
Lieutenant General C-3
Major General C-2
Brigadier General C-1
Colonel O-6
Lieutenant Colonel O-5
Major O-4
Captain O-3
First Lieutenant O-2
Second Lieutenant O-1
Sergeant Major E-9
First Sergeant E-8
Sergeant First Class E-7
Staff Sergeant E-6
Sergeant E-5
Corporal E-4
Private First Class E-3
Private E-2
Recruit E-1


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